Warranty Policy

  1. Items purchased from Smartfuture's Facebook Shop and/or Smartfuture's Weebly Website is fully warranted from date of purchase/issuance of the customer for a period of twelve (12) months for the following items: Smartphone, Powerbank, Headphone, Charger, Bluetooth Speaker, Camera, Smartwatch, and Led Light (With the following brand(s): Huawei, Meizu, Xiaomi, Honor, Yeelight, Rockspace, Tronsmart, etc.)
  2. All units are only for repair or replacement only - depending on the diagnosis of service partner. Strictly no refund policy is observed.
  3. Within the warranty period, all defective items are for check-in service only, and are subject for inspection and repair only. Smartfuture Tech Inc. will, at its option, repair the defective item(s) at no charge, provided that it is returned during the warranty period.
  4. The decision for replacement shall be dependent upon the distributor/manufacturer's accountability. Replacement will only be considered if unit is returned within seven (7) days period upon purchase. Replaced items are warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period.
  5. Consumables and/or accessories are not covered by any warranty (i.e. watch strap, charger cables in-unit purchase, screen protectors, headsets, freebies etc.)

Limited Service Warranty for Scooters

Vehicle Body Including: Deck, Front Wheel & Hub Motor Assembly, Front Fork & Neck Assembly, Rear Fork Assembly, Control Board Assembly, Stem (Battery Cabin), Dashboard, Spring Cable, Charge Port, Bottom Cover (Metal) is available under warranty for only 1 Year.

Components Subject to Wear & Tear Including: Handlebar Grip, Handlebar Ends, Rear Wheel, Headlight, Front Fender, Brake Light, Front Decorative Strips, Rear Decorative Strips, Deck Grip Tape, Stem, Handle Bar, Folding Pedal, Reflective Stickers, Bottom Cover (Plastic), Kickstand, Fastener Cover, Charge Port Cover is available under warranty for only 90 Days.

Other Components: Battery Charger, Battery Pack, Electronic Throttle, & Electronic Brake is available under warranty for only 180 Days.

Procedure in Claiming Warranty

  1. Please send a warranty form here: bit.ly/SF-Warranty-Form
  2. The client shall check-in or send the defective item/unit directly to their own respective centers.
  3. For Online Orders: Please bring print out copy of the sales invoice sent to your e-mail.
  4. For Offline Orders: Please bring the original copy of Sales Invoice, & Warranty Card
  5. Please do not include accessories of the defective items (i.e. watch straps) & items that are not purchased at Smartfuture.
  6. For quality assurance & parts (i.e. circuit board, fenders, battery, etc.) procurement - we claim that Smartfuture Tech Inc. has the right to hold the item under repair for more than the specified time frame suggested for repairing the item.
  7. Customer may wish to either (a.) pull out the item (unrepaired) (b.) have the item claimed once repaired.
  8. Please take note that we will not pay any freight charges. All items should be checked in or sent to Service Center.
  9. After repair/replacement, the client shall get the item or have it shipped back to them. Freight charges should be shouldered by the client.
  10. Any warranty items not claimed within 30 days from date of service will be disposed of by our company in any manner to cover the cost of service.